The School is located in Poopathy, a small village in the cultural capital of kerala, thrissur, just 3 Km's from Mala.


Sawaswathy Vidyalayam is equipped with all the resources that ensures development required for a healthy mind and body.We have well informed faculty who provide with knowledge and skills for our students growth. Along with the facilities within the school we provide our students with ample time and space for physical activity to ensure good health.


We have well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and computer Lab for better understanding the various topics, phenomenons and practical experiences related to respective subjects. All throughout the time spent in each lab they shall be assisted with the necessary guidance.



The School has Library Facilities that help and encourage our students to develop reading habits and provide knowledge, ideas, fun and intellectual stimulation.



The Music Room

We encourage our students in developing their inborn talents and skills, and a music room was provided to them for the same purpose. Various music instruments that are easily accessible to our students in the music room so they can discover their talents in music and explore them.


A big play ground is provided to the students so they can have the required physical training and a fair share of fun. We also provide them with facilities for various sports like cricket, football, basketball and so on.

School Transport

We provide School Buses to all residential ares of the city and its suburbs. There are  <> number of buses each covering the following routes