Our Curriculum

We follow a strict and thorough curriculum that looks into every developmental aspect of our students.



The kindergarten school focuses on developing language, numerical and motor skills. It also helps developing their ability to concentrate and understand their surroundings and world better. The children are introduced to the world of words, forms, dimensions, colours and texture, and sound and rhythm. Learning is made an enjoyable experience so that they carry on the same feeling towards learning throughout their life.


Primary School

This consists of classes Standard I to V. The syllabus followed is as per CBSE scheme. Classes are taken in the form of talks, discussions or using boards and other methods of demonstration. Periodical oral and written evaluations and assessments are conducted regularly. Two sessions per week are devoted entirely for sports and games.Opportunitiy, time and assistance is given to our children in arts, crafts, music, dance and dramma. Children are made familiar to computer and the basics of it from Class 1.


The school aims at allowing the children to learn more and faster in the classrooms rather than at home.


Secondary School

Secondary School consists of classes Standard VI to X. The syllabus followed here is also as per the CBSE scheme. Evaluation is conducted quarterly, including in graded subjects. Promotions are based on CCA as in the primary section. At the end of Standard X, students enroll for the Board examinations (AISSE).

Special teachers are available to train the students in Music, Dance, Karate, Aerobics and Yoga. The art & craft teachers bring colour and entertainment to the curriculum. Physical Education department sees to it that the young learners remain active and healthy and nurture positive physical culture among the students.


Higher Secondary

After passing the AISSE (X grade), students join the Higher Secondary section.  At this point, they choose their stream of specialization. 


The following combinations are offered:

• English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
• English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
• English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Technology
• English, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy, Mathematics/Informatics Practices


The Standard XI end-of-term examinations are in-house whereas at the end of Standard XII, students are enrolled for the Board examination (AISSCE).


Medium of Instruction

The medium of instruction at our school is English. Understanding the importance of knowledge in the language we encourage our students to communicate to each other and to the teachers in the same medium in order to improve their vocabulary, communication skills to develop confidence in using the language whenever required. Hindi amd Malayalam are mandatory as per CBSE untill std VIII. Sanskrit is another language we give importance to and it is introduced from 2nd standard.


Panchanga Sikshan

To ensure complete and total development of each and every child child, we follow a syllabus that looks into five aspects (Panchanga-Sikshan) ie, physical, yoga, music/Sanskrit, moral and spiritual education. The system is mainly based on the Hindu philosophy of life. According to the  Philosophy, the all-round development of the personality of the child is not possible without spiritual development. We have developed our own teaching and learning methodology on the basis of Bharathiya psychology.


Body is the basic instrument to fulfill a person’s life mission.  Therefore physical education is the most important aspect of a child’s personality development.  “A sound mind in a sound body” is a well known saying.  By sound body we mean a body active, vigorous and capable of withstanding physical exertion.


Human life is one integrated whole.  When we educate the body, it will have its impact on the mind and intellect.  So when we teach Yoga it has a holistic impact in the child.  Carefully designed Yoga and Yogasanas are included in our Panjanga syllabus.


The integral development cannot be attained without addressing the aesthetic attribute of a child.  All kinds of art forms – music, dance, acting etc – are included in music syllabus.  To improve and develop the children as per their local needs is the main attribution of Bharatheeya Vidya Nikethan.  The life and culture of the local people, their folk dance, their enriched customs, all combined together is reflected in our curriculum. 

The present global trends show an emphasis on the value orientated education.  While looking in to this emerging scenario, one can stipulate that time has come when nation needs to insist on right education that can impart right values among our children.  Our Naithik syllabus imparts life values among the learners which equips them to lead an ideal human life.

Sanskrit is considered as the mother of all human languages.  The language opens the splendid heritage of our nation.  The boundless philosophical treats and values embedded in Sanskrit enlighten our children with the life touch of our national heritage.  Sanskrit under Panjanga syllabus includes slokas, vedic manthras, subhashithams etc.